Bill 130955
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Continuing the Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District in the area that generally includes both sides of Germantown Avenue from 7640 to 8705, certain blocks of streets that intersect that portion of Germantown Avenue, and both sides of Bethlehem Pike from 10 to 105; approving an extension to the boundaries of the District, and continuing Chestnut Hill Business Improvement District, Inc., a Pennsylvania nonprofit corporation, as the neighborhood improvement district management association for the District; approving a new plan for the District, including a list of proposed improvements and

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  • Dec. 12, 2013:  Introduced and Referred to the Committee on Rules by CITY COUNCIL
  • Feb. 12, 2014:  HEARING NOTICES SENT by Committee on Rules
  • RECESSED by Committee on Rules Notes: Held until the call of the Chair
  • HEARING HELD by Committee on Rules
  • AMENDED by Committee on Rules

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Introduced: Dec. 12, 2013
Last action: Feb. 12, 2014


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