Bill 000182
Controlled by Committee on Finance


Amending Title 18 of The Philadelphia Code entitled "Commerce" by renaming the title to read as "Commerce, Economic and Community Development;" and further amending Title 18 by adding a new Chapter 18-300 entitled "Community Development" which reenacts with certain changes the provisions now set forth in Chapter 21-1100 relating to the development, implementation and administration of the Community Development Block Grant plan and program, a new Chapter 18-400 entitled "Community Revitalization and Infrastructure Benefit Fund" which provides for the establishment and administration of a Community Revitalization and Infrastructure Benefit Fund, and a new Chapter 18-500 entitled "Tax Increment Financing Districts" which reenacts the provisions now set forth in Chapter 21-1400 relating to reporting requirements for tax increment financing districts; and repealing Chapter 21-1100 entitled "Community Development" and Chapter 21-1400 entitled "Tax Increment Financing Districts;" all under certain terms and conditions.

Read the full Bill: Bill No. 00018200.pdf


  • March 30, 2000:  Introduced by CITY COUNCIL
  • Referred to the Committee on Finance by CITY COUNCIL

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Introduced: March 30, 2000
Last action: March 30, 2000
Status: LAPSED


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