Resolution 220055
Controlled by CITY COUNCIL


Authorizing the Commissioner of Public Property to execute and deliver to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority deeds conveying fee simple title to 1001 W. Arizona Street, 1003 W. Arizona Street, 1005 W. Arizona Street, 1005 W. Cumberland Street, 1007 W. Arizona Street, 1009 W. Arizona Street, 1011 W. Arizona Street, 1013 W. Arizona Street, 1019 W. Arizona Street, 1021 W. Cumberland Street, 2325 N. 10th Street, 2335 N. 10th Street, 2337 N. 10th Street, 2346 N. 10th Street, 2347 N. 10th Street, 2419 N. 10th Street, 2440 N. Delhi Street, 2444 N. Delhi Street, 924 W. York Street, 932 W. York S

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Introduced: Jan. 27, 2022



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