Resolution 220129
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Authorizing the Commissioner of Public Property to execute and deliver to the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority deeds conveying fee simple title to 3851 Aspen Street, 3855 Aspen Street, 3732 Haverford Avenue, 3825 Fairmount Avenue, 3605 Melon Street, 3607 Melon Street, 3832 Melon Street, 3858 Mount Vernon Street, 614 N. Shedwick Street, 3832 Wallace Street, 3830 Wallace Street, 708 N. 34th Street, 709 N. 35th Street, 676 N. 36th Street, 681 N. 37th Street, 740 N. 38th Street, 5139 Delancey Street & 747 N. 39th Street, in the Third Councilmanic District of the City of Philadelphia and furthe

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Introduced: Feb. 10, 2022



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