Resolution 220539
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Authorizing the Philadelphia Land Bank to dispose of 650 N. Conestoga Street, 658 N. Conestoga Street, 662 N. Conestoga Street, 5436 W. Girard Avenue, 5552 Harmer Street, 642 N. Sickels Street, 644 N. Sickels Street, 653 N. Sickels Street, 534 -36 N. 54th Street, 538-40 N. 54th Street, 546 N. 54th Street, 550 N. 54th Street, 623-33 N. 55th Street, 641 N. 55th Street, 643 N. 55th Street, 645 N. 55th Street, 647 N. 55th Street, 649 N. 55th Street, 651 N. 55th Street, 653 N. 55th Street, 655 N. 55th Street located in the 4th Councilmanic District in accordance with the terms of Chapter 16-700 of

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Introduced: May 26, 2022



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