Councilmember Ortiz

Councilmember Ortiz


Recent Legislation

  • Resolution 030860

    ADOPTED on Dec. 18, 2003

    Recognizing the central role of Nora CastaŚćėeda, President of the Women's Development Bank of Venezuela (Banmujer), in guaranteeing the rights of women and the poor ...

  • Privileged Resolution 030858

    ENACTED on Dec. 18, 2003

    Commending Mr. Bernard A. Guet for his service as President of the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association and for his leadership in the hospitality community.

  • Resolution 030856

    ADOPTED on Dec. 18, 2003

    Recognizing the week of December 29, 2003 through January 3, 2004 as "Haitian Independence Week" to celebrate Haiti's 200th Anniversary as an independent nation.

  • Resolution 030850

    ADOPTED on Dec. 11, 2003

    Calling on Tenet Healthcare, Corporation, the owner and operator of the Medical College of Pennsylvania (MCP) Hospital, to acknowledge the vital importance of nurses to ...

  • Privileged Resolution 030848

    ENACTED on Dec. 11, 2003

    Honoring Dominic Sabatini on the occasion of his retirement as President and CEO of Penn's Landing Corporation.

  • Resolution 030847

    ADOPTED on Dec. 11, 2003

    Authorizing City Council's Committee on Legislative Oversight and Committee on Public Safety to hold joint hearings to investigate the alarmingly high number of incidents in ...


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