Councilmember Domb

Councilmember Domb


Recent Legislation

  • Resolution 190165

    ADOPTED on March 7, 2019

    Honoring and celebrating Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Nick Foles, for his accomplishments on the field, his historic place in Eagles’ history and his contributions to Philadelphia.

  • Resolution 190142

    ADOPTED on Feb. 28, 2019

    Calling on the State Legislature and Governor to recognize the authority and efforts of Pittsburgh City Councilmembers to protect citizens from acts of gun violence ...

  • Bill 190134

    IN COMMITTEE on Feb. 28, 2019


    Amending Chapter 19-1300 of The Philadelphia Code, entitled "Real Estate Taxes," by reducing the amount of real estate taxes to be exempted for certain improvements ...

  • Resolution 190126

    IN COMMITTEE on Feb. 21, 2019

    Proposing an amendment to The Philadelphia Home Rule Charter to provide for a limitation of Councilmembers’ terms in office to no more than three terms; ...

  • Bill 190122

    IN COMMITTEE on Feb. 21, 2019

    Providing for the submission to the qualified electors of the City of Philadelphia of the proposal set forth in a Resolution approved by Council proposing ...

  • Resolution 190116

    ADOPTED on Feb. 14, 2019

    Calling on the State Legislature of Pennsylvania, the Governor of Pennsylvania, and the federal government to mandate these certain education initiatives in Pennsylvania and to ...